Ralph and Rick

We resent it so you don’t have to.

Join Angie Dickinson of “Police Woman,” Tommy Kirk of “Mars Needs Women!,” and other lost souls as the journey through purgatory in air-conditioned comfort. The Greyhound Scenicruiser’s big picture windows offer a closeup view of a country haunted by restless ghosts, bloodthirsty pirates, and singing cowboys. Join Ralph and Rick on this highway to heck.

Ralph and Rick offer their caustic and comedic take on films ranging from 1935’s The Phantom Empire through 1956’s Freedom Highway  and 1959’s The Bat to 1967’s Prehistoric Women!

We’re starting to get pretty rangy.





Suspense! Terror! Thrills! Those are a few of the things we wish there were more of in this creaky old relic starring Vincent Price of  “House of Wax,” Agnes Moorehead of “Citizen Kane,” and Darla Hood of  “The Little Rascals.” Fortunately, Ralph and Rick are on hand to liven it up with all the jokes you’re too polite to make for yourself.

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Blondes and brunettes battle in a lush, tropical sound stage, watched over by a plastic rhino and a wooden leading man in Hammer’s 1967 Prehistoric Women, starring wild and wicked Martine “Thunderball" Beswick and some other people. (Not to be confused with 1950's "Prehistoric Women." Seriously. Don't confuse them.)

The Phantom Empire Chapter One:

The Singing Cowboy

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A forgotten people bravely struggle for their very way of life in this stunning epic serial. This is the story of the Singing Cowboy, proud, majestic, harmonic... They can take his land, but they can never take his spirit.  Without a flimsy radio contract.


Oh, and there's some underground civilization not seen since the last ice age.


With Gene Autry,(one time owner of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim)!